LSC 40.10 // Control unit

LPR – Lock Position Return
AC – Alternating Current / Wechselstrom (z.B. 230V)
DC – Direct Current / Gleichstrom (z.B. 24V)
NO – Normally Open
NC – Normally Closed
HI – Switch direction of rotation I
HII – Switch direction of rotation II
SI – Additional switch direction of rotation I
SII – Additional switch direction of rotation II
The direction of rotation I, II is indicated on the EWA (see control unit setting figure step 3)

  • High-precision mechatronic control unit with integrated limit stop disengagement and integrated additional switches.
  • High-quality, reliable disengagement at limit positions.
  • !!! AC and DC versions !!!
  • Precise, fast and simple adjustment without connection to a power supply.


  • Integrated LPR position sensor.


  • Please select the LPR option when ordering your EWA because retro-fitting is a costly proposition.
  • The control unit is only suitable for protecting the equipment. It must not be used for personal protection purposes.
  • When placing an order, pay particular attention to the correct choice of AC / DC variant.
  • For operation, you need to have a 7-core cable.


Before you start setting the monitoring unit, please read the enclosed instructions through carefully and pay attention to the safety information.

( 1 )  Screw on the limit switch cover with gasket and store it safely.

  • The following switch functions are specified: LEDs HI and HII light up red. Switch HI switches off direction of rotation I. Switch HII switches off direction of rotation II.

( 2 )  Reset the setting. At the same time, press and hold down buttons S, HI and HII until LEDs HI and HII light up red.

( 3 )  Adjust the limit stops by attaching a drill fitted with the attached hex-head bit to the motor shaft.

( 4 )  Use the drill to rotate the shaft in direction of rotation ’I’ until you have reached the desired limit position (see direction of rotation arrow on housing beside the output shaft). It is also possible to start with the limit position for ’HII’ (see Step 5). Once the desired limit position has been reached, save limit position ’HI’. To do this, hold down button ’S’ and also press button ’HI’ until LED ’HI’ changes from red to green.

( 5 )  Once the limit position for ’HI’ has been set, rotate the drive in the opposite direction, as described above, into limit position ’II’ (see direction of rotation arrow beside the output shaft). Once the desired limit position has been reached, you can save limit position ’HII’. To do this, press and hold down the ‘S’ button while also pressing the ‘HII’ button until LED ‘HII’ changes from red to green.

( 6 )  Then check whether the limit positions have been set. To do this, press the ‘S’ button: All three LEDs (LED ‘HI’ / LED ‘HII’ / LED ‘S’) must light up green. If they do not, repeat the setting procedure for limit positions, as described above.

( 7 )  Connect up the drive to the power supply unit. Fit the cover and the rubber gasket using the 4 screws and the 4 copper washers provided.Then connect up the electrical power supply and start up the unit (test run) in accordance with the instructions in the EWA Operating Manual (Electrical connection, Chapter 6 ff. and Initial start-up, Chapter 6.5)