PAR 06 // Position repeater

EWA 10–EWA 16 / EZW 64

Lock The position repeater PAR 06

  • The position repeated is pre-installed ex-factory (option). For retrofits, refer to operating instructions EWA 10 – EWA 16 / EZW 64. You will find the selection table in our products – PAR.
  • Note: Before setting the position repeater, set the limit switch.
  • 1. Move drive unit into a limit position. A limit switch must be actuated.
  • 2. Establish direction of rotation of gear by briefly starting up and running the drive unit. Then move drive unit back into its limit position.


  • Rotate the gears and/or the shaft in the opposite direction of rotation to the output shaft.
  • 3. Turn potentiometer into its limit position using the secured gear, in the previously determined direction of rotation.
  • 4. Release M3 screws again using a waf 1.5 hex wrench.
  • 5. Move gear on potentiometer shaft so that teeth mesh in gear and tighten down both M3 screws to 50 Ncm using a waf 1.5 hex wrench.
  • 6. Conduct a test run on the drive unit. While doing so, compare direction of rotation of output shaft and control signal to ensure that there is a match.
  • 7. Use voltmeter to check for correct setting and function of position repeater.
  • 8. Close limit switch compartment again properly using limit switch cover and gasket.
  • Note: None of the cables and wires must make contact with the gears.