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Mobile chicken coops can meet the needs of small organic or conventional poultry farms. The high-quality equipment commonly used in large poultry farms can also be installed in mobile coops. Powered by Lock products. 

By combining a wide range of components, a mobile poultry house offers farmers a complete package where keeping animals is fun and the amount of work is kept to a minimum compared to a large stable building. And this is where Lock's drive technology comes in. In addition to elements such as outlet and ventilation flaps, Lock drives can also be used to operate nest systems or the specially developed winding ventilation systems.


An effective ventilation system is very important in mobile houses. It should remove the heat as quickly as possible in summer and bring fresh air to the animals. There are various options available for ventilation in a mobile poultry house. In addition to ventilation via outlet flaps, ventilation also takes place via wall vents.

  • Free-range farming of a special kind 
  • Improve the immune system through more exercise, sunlight & fresh air
  • Improving the farmer’s image 
  • Low maintenance 
  • Efficient working conditions: Easy cleaning and manure removal 
  • Fast realization of the project and short construction time 
  • Use of long-standing, mature and proven technology 
  • Direct sales possible through smaller quantities and therefore higher returns compared to sales in supermarket chains 
  • Clear layout of the stable 
  • Optimization of animal husbandry costs