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With a growing world population and increasing demand for high-quality, sustainable animal products, the fair keeping of poultry faces major challenges. The number of animals per square meter is increasing accordingly. Animal welfare and animal health have become a priority. This results in measures that ensure good ventilation, allow access to the outdoors, offer more space and force the poultry to leave their nests. An optimal barn climate is therefore crucial for the health of the animals, their performance and growth. The Lock drives therefore offer an efficient solution to achieve this.

For ideal ventilation in the stable

Increased egg production and lower risk of breakage

Ensuring high hygiene standards

Reliability through high-quality products developed and used over many years

Creating a favourable environment for egg laying

Solutions for Poultry

Our drives are always at the forefront in poultry farming. We offer you the perfect solution for your barn.

These include

  • Ventilation 
  • Nestsysteme 
  • Feeding and drinking systems 
  • Darkening 
  • Side and outlet flaps


Discover our innovative drive systems, which are used in a variety of ways in poultry houses. From controlling ventilation systems to operating nest systems and raising drinkers - our technologies optimize poultry farming. They also support run-off systems and are also integrated into mobile poultry houses. Find out more about our solutions for efficient and modern poultry farming!



In today's poultry farming, measures to increase efficiency and rationalize production are essential in order to achieve optimal results. An ideal environment plays a decisive role in the optimal development of the poultry. The barn climate in particular is one of the essential factors that significantly influence the well-being of the animals. A ventilation system is therefore essential that always ensures the right balance of temperature, air quality and humidity, regardless of the prevailing climatic conditions.

Wall mounted valves

With our drive system, the valve cap of the ventilation system can be opened by pulling downwards, which allows precise control of the opening and optimal supply of fresh air at any time of the year. 


Side panels

One or more ventilation flaps can be operated with one drive. The racks are connected to the drive via a connecting shaft.


Nest systemes

Nest systems are used to create a quiet environment for poultry. Depending on the design, the systems are pushed upwards using racks or pulled upwards using wire ropes.


Feeding and watering systems

Water and feed are inextricably linked in poultry farming. This is because food intake increases or decreases depending on the animals' water intake. To ensure healthy growth, it is therefore important to continuously ensure high feed and water quality. Feeding and watering systems, which can be moved with our drives, provide a remedy here.


Other applications

In modern animal husbandry, technological innovations play a crucial role in the well-being of our animals and the efficiency of our farms. While run-off gates and flaps allow our animals to leave the barn without stress, the black-out in the poultry house offers them a quiet environment. With the mobile barn, farmers remain flexible and can reduce financial risk at the same time. Find out more about these applications by clicking on "Learn more".

Outlet slides and flaps

The exit flaps with rope or rack and pinion system allow the animals to exit the stable. The opening can be done manually or motorized.


Mobile stable

A mobile stable is designed to be able to change its location at regular intervals. Not only is it smaller and more flexible than stationary buildings, it also reduces the financial risk.



The darkening of the poultry house helps to load the animals without stress and thus increases animal welfare until the end.