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In order to improve egg quality and hygiene , nest systems can be used that mimic the poultry's natural daily routine. During the main laying and brooding period, which takes place during the day, it is recommended to open the nest to provide the chickens with animal-friendly laying opportunities. 

After being laid, the eggs roll directly onto the egg belt and are transported away quickly and safely . To complete the natural daily routine, the nest is closed at night using a movable tilting floor that can be moved using our drives. Even eggs that are left lying around arrive safely on the egg belt. This is made possible by the opposing lever mechanism. After closing, the nest floor is raised completely, which closes the nest and automatically cleans it of dust.

Our solution for your poultry house:

The nest floors are moved either by racks or by wire ropes. One option is to move the nests using our rack systems. Depending on the design, the nests can be pushed upwards using our racks and a central drive tube.

Another option is the integration of wire ropes, where the nests are pulled upwards. The wire rope is wound onto a standard inch pipe. And all of this in combination with our powerful drive systems. These solutions have already proven themselves many times in practice. 

  • Reducing pollution 
  • Preventing hatching eggs
  • Securing eggs 
  • Chickens do not come to brood 
  • Farmer can sell enough eggs