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Discover the versatility of our roller blinds

An efficient greenhouse requires not only careful care of the plants, but also intelligent control of light, temperature and air circulation. Our high-quality roller shades offer the optimal solution to regulate these factors and perfect the conditions in your greenhouse. By moving the energy screen horizontally, they offer an efficient and precise method of controlling the light conditions in the greenhouse. 

The effective climate separation and flexible solutions for your greenhouses are the focus of our roller screen systems. These versatile elements not only enable effective division between different areas of your greenhouse, but can also be used as a blackout or shading system on standing and gable walls.

Why roller shade?

1. Focus on ventilation options

Our roller shades not only serve as a classic energy screen, but also as an effective means of ventilation. By precisely controlling the shades, you can specifically influence the air circulation in your greenhouse and thus create an ideal growing climate. 

2. Roof roller shade, roller shade single and roller shade twin

Discover our three main types of roller blinds: 

  • Roof roller shade: Perfect for controlling sunlight and temperature in the greenhouse roof. This shade can be easily opened and closed to regulate the amount of light. Mainly used in wide span greenhouses. 
  • Single roller shade: Simply wound roller shade system with a compact design. Only differs from the twin version in height. This roller shade can be used to darken larger areas or divide greenhouses into different areas. 
  • Twin roller shade: Is equipped with a winding shaft with a motor, which is located in the middle of the shade. This allows larger areas to be darkened or greenhouses to be divided into different areas. 
LockDrives single roller umbrella

roller shade single

LockDrives double roller umbrella

roller shade twin

3. Advantages and customer benefits

Energy efficiency

By controlling light and temperature, you can optimize energy consumption and reduce energy costs. 

Yield optimization

Precise control of environmental conditions promotes healthy plant growth and maximizes the yield of your crop. 

User friendliness

Our roller screens are easy to install and can be flexibly adapted to the needs of your greenhouse. 

Flexibility in application

The adaptability of our roller shades is particularly evident when installed parallel to the roof, both inside and outside your greenhouse. Our systems offer straightforward solutions for a wide range of requirements, and we are happy to advise you and show you the versatility of our systems. 

Focus on sun protection and energy saving

The roller blinds not only serve to separate climate zones, but also fulfil important functions on the facades of your greenhouse. As sun protection, blackout and energy-saving systems, they make a valuable contribution to optimising the ambient conditions.

Individual customization options

Depending on your individual requirements, our roller blinds can be installed both inside and outside. Our experienced team will be happy to provide you with detailed advice and show you the various options. 

4. Note

We would be happy to provide you with technical advice, as performance and service life depend heavily on the design of your application. Please contact us for further information and let us convince you of the versatility of our systems.

5. Service life of tubular motors

Lock has taken on the task of “service life of tubular motors” with its well-known thoroughness. Thanks to the steel gear and sophisticated motor package, the RMA 20 offers high reliability and service life. 

  • Torques of 50 Nm and 120 Nm. 
  • 2 year guarantee, Made in Germany. 
  • Compact design with maintenance-free and low-noise gear components. 
  • Variable cable outlet in two different directions. 
  • Insensitive to EMC influences due to mechanical limit switch 
  • 60 Hz versions cURus certified.