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A continuous ventilation flap can be operated with a drive. One or more racks are connected to the drive with a connecting shaft. The racks pivot with the flap.

With a wide range of electric drives, clutches and rack and pinion gears, Lock can guarantee optimum quality throughout the entire drive train. This pays off in the long term and reduces service costs.

The strengths of power, selection and modularity also apply to the EZD, AZD and ZSG rack and pinion gear product family. With loads of 500 to 2,500 N, you can move all types of roof and side ventilation, from simple plastic greenhouses to heavy insulating glazing in wide-span greenhouses.

And if you need something fast, the EWA drives up to 10 rpm are already available as standard. It gets even faster with the SpeedLogic up to 15 rpm, e.g. for convertible ventilation systems.

  • See also flap ventilation 
  • Large surfaces can be moved with just a few components using a push rod system 
  • Homogeneous greenhouse climate possible through equal window openings 
  • See also flap ventilation 
  • Reduced use of electric drives, savings in wiring and electrical components