EWA 52

Power Drive // 250–600 Nm

PowerDrive // 250–600 Nm - EWA 52
  • Extremely quiet, self-locking double worm gear unit with integrated limit switch and long service life, maintenance-free.
  • Universal mounting thanks to standard rear or side mounting.
  • End position switch-off via LSC 40 AC/DC control unit including additional limit switch. Additional limit switch. Optional precision gear limit switch END 20 for 580 shaft revolutions.
  • Quality motors available for many main voltages.
  • Single-phase motors pre-wired with connection cable and integrated winding protection contact.
  • Ambient temperature -5°C to + 60°C, option A60 for low temperature applications below -5°C.
  • Protection class IP 55.
  • Duty cycle S3-40%.
  • Installation compatible with EWA 14.

Options when using LSC 40.10:

  • Position indicator LPR 02 for analog signal 0-10 V or 4-20 mA, LPR 04 for digital signal (incremental).

Options when using END 20:

  • Additional limit switch END 20.40.
  • Position indicator​​​​​​​ PAR 06 (potentiometer) or​​​​​​​ PAR 10​​​​​​​ (0-10 V or 0-5 V).

Options for pre-wired actuators:

  • Connection cable with special coating for UL/CSA-compliant outdoor installation (North America).