Power racks EZW – The original

Robust, zero-maintenance, uncomplicated: The cost-effective and reliable alternative to hydraulic and pneumatic solutions.

Originally developed for ventilation applications in greenhouses, and built very robustly indeed, this drive unit is resistant to extremely dirty environments, high humidity levels and severe temperature fluctuations.

For many years, they have been in service in the harshest of industrial environments: malting houses, cement processing machinery, industrial furnaces and in the broadest range of other applications conceivable where local spot loads have to be moved safely and reliably.

Performance features:

  • 5000–20000 N loading for traction and compression
  • 600 –1200 mm rack stroke
  • Dynamic self-locking
  • Integrated limit switches


  • Extended rack lengths
  • PAR 06, PAR 10 position repeater
  • Special voltages on request
  • Rack guard
  • Swing-Version with pivot console

Robust from over 100 years of experience

EZW 64

Power racks and pinion jack // 5000-20000 N

Electrozahn rod windlass // 5000-20000 N - EZW 64
  • Adjusting drive suitable for traction and compression loadings. Cast iron housing with self-locking double worm gear unit and gear rack.
  • Installed precision END 20 gear limit switch (Microswitch in cURus), infinitely variable.
  • Quality motors, multi-range voltage (IEC 38) for 50 Hz (400 V 3~/230 V 1~). IP 55, TH.Cl.F, S3 - 40 %, special motors on request.
  • Standard stroke lengths H = 600 mm, = 800 mm, =1000 mm, = 1200 mm, etc.. Above stroke length 1500 mm (EZW 64.05), resp. 1700 mm (EZW 64.10 and EZW 64.20) pls. note reduced compression force.
  • Suitable temperature range from -5 to + 60°C.
  • Emergency operation possible by using power screwdriver in case of power failure.
  • Protective tube with cover and gaiter available as accessory.


  • Torque-free pivot console (EZW 64 Swing) for pivoting movements.
  • END 20.40 auxiliary limit switch.
  • PAR 06 or PAR 10 position repeater.
  • Version A60 for outdoor use and temperatures down to -15°C.
  • Version for 30000N load capacity and stroke speed of 250 mm/min available on request.
  • For replacement with old EZW 35-37 drives a baseplate with identical hole pattern is available.