PAR 06

Position Repeater

Position Repeater // PAR 06
  • Position repeater for EWA power drives and EZW power racks for repeating position of drive unit to the feedback control system (comprising potentiometer and potentiometer gears).
  • Position repeater available mounted on END 20 limit switch. Also suitable for retro-fitting.
  • Simple to install thanks to plug-in miniature terminal strips.
  • A potentiometer and potentiometer gears (20, 28 or 37 teeth) facilitate feedback control of output shaft form 0.5– 85 revolutions on EWA 10/12/14 as well as 0.5–57 revolutions on EWA 16.


  • Choose a potentiometer in relation to the type of EWA unit and the required number of shaft revolutions.
  • Please note: The table values indicate the maximum number of shaft revolutions on the drive unit based on the potentiometer range.

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