PAR 10

Position Repeater

Position Repeater // PAR 10
  • Programmable multiturn sensor to provide positional feedback for Power Drives EWA and Power Racks EZW
  • Pre-assembled or retrofit for  limit switch END 20.
  • „Electronical Pot meter“ replaceable against PAR 06.
  • Number of shaft rotations 0.1 to 190 can be evaluated.
  • One version for all rotational speeds, with no intermediate gearbox.
  • Simple teaching in, using two buttons on the device, with status displayed by LED.
  • Signal output 0–10 V analogue (invertible). New: 0–5 V.
  • Power supply 16–30 V DC // same connection as PAR 06.
  • No mechanical limit stop and no mechanical wear.
  • Ambient temperature range -40°C to +85°C.
  • High resolution for very precise positioning, no signal jumps.
Video: PAR 10 Position Repeater