EWA 50

Power drive // 50–150 Nm

  • Extremely quiet, self-locking double worm gear unit with integrated limit switch control and with long service life, zero maintenance.
  • Universal assembly with standard mounting at back or on side left (symmetrical).
  • Standard mounting with 70 mm center distance brackets or optional 60 mm.
  • Limit switch control, including auxiliary limit switch, via control unit LSC 40 AC/DC. Optional mechanical limit switch END 20 for up to 580 shaft rotations.
  • High quality motors available in a wide variety of voltages.
  • Pre-wired single phase motors supplied with power cord and thermal overload protection.
  • Ambient temperature –5 °C to +60 °C, A60 version for low temperature applications below –5 °C.
  • Protection class IP55
  • Duty Cycle S3-40 %
  • Interchangeable with EWA 10/12


When using LSC 40.10:

  • Position repeater LPR 02 for analog signal 0-10V or 4-20 mA, LPR 04 for digital signal (incremental).

When using the END 20:

  • Auxiliary limit switch END 20.40
  • Position repeater PAR 06 (potentiometer) or PAR 10 (0-10V).