RMA 20: Steel teeth - The Longlife tubular motor

The RMA 20 tube motor: Thanks to a steel gear unit and a fully-developed motor pack, this ­delivers great reliability and long service life.

  • Torques of 50 Nm and 120 Nm.
  • 2 years of warranty, Made in Germany.
  • Compact design with zero-maintenance and quiet-running gear components.
  • Variable cable output in two different directions.
  • 60 Hz versions cURus certified.
    (cURus = UL Recognized Component Mark for USA and Canada)

We will be happy to support you with technical advice, as the performance and service life of a tubular motor is highly dependent on the design of your application.

Lock seal RMA with shark for horticulture

We did not invent the tube motor, but we did turn it into a Lock product


The RMA 20 is used to drive roller sheeting systems such as internal shading, partition walls or rolling systems. 

Advantages of the RMA 20 tubular motor


Example: RMA 20, 120 Nm With our low-cost rolling system, our RMA 20 tube motor is an interesting alternative form of drive. By fitting various adapters, the RMA 20 can be integrated flexibly in the system.

Rolling screen

Example: RMA 20, 50 Nm With the factory-fitted aluminium tube, it is easy to fit any standard 50 mm or 63 mm winding tubes: integration in the rolling system is an easy task.

RMA 20

Tube motor // 50–120 Nm

Tubular motor // 50 Nm - RMA 20.05
RMA 20.05 - 50 Nm
Tubular motor // 120 Nm - RMA 20.12
RMA 20.12 - 120 Nm
  • Robust tube motor for driving roller sheeting systems such as for internal shading, partition walls or rolling systems.
  • Compact design with zero-maintenance and low-noise steel gear units.
  • Operating mode S2 4 min. type of protection IP 44.
  • Asynchronous motor with installed mechanical precision limit switch for 22 revolutions.
  • With aluminium tube 50 x 1.5 / 63 x 1.5 mm for connection by coupling to a 50 / 63 mm rolling tube.
  • Shaft journal 12 x 12 / 16 x 16 mm with cotter pin for connection to guidance system.
  • High-quality 4 m length of connection cable, UV-resistant.


  • We are always pleased to provide you with technical advice because performance and service life depend very much on the design of your application.
  • The tube motor needs to be protected against water ingress.