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Our drive systems are designed to move your feed table bridges with a high degree of reliability. With our drives, you have modern technology in your barn for the "main road" in your cattle barn. Feed table bridges are electrically folded up and allow cattle to cross the feed shed smoothly and evenly . This means that the dairy cattle can be driven to the milking parlor stress-free, safely and without dirtying the feed table. This not only ensures the comfort of the animals, but also the hygiene of the machines and the feeding areas. The drive units that we offer can be selected to suit your ideas and requirements.

Bubble for animal confort
Bubble for hygiene Bubble for hygiene
Bubble for animal welfare
  • High quality,  
  • Low maintenance and wear,  
  • High forces can be absorbed,  
  • Products coordinated 
  • Longevity,  
  • Little to no maintenance required,  
  • Safety through products that have been tried and tested over many years.