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Determining the optimal climate for cattle and calves is of crucial importance for farmers. Factors such as air circulation, dust concentration, temperature, relative humidity and gas concentrations in the environment play an important role.  

The species-appropriate housing of cattle is of great importance not only for their well-being, but also for their performance. Efficient ventilation and air conditioning of the stables are therefore essential in order to be able to maintain the comfortable temperature for cows, which is between 4 and 15°C. Heat stress in cows begins at temperatures as low as 18°C. In addition to a decrease in milk production, this causes a deterioration in fertility and an increase in body temperature and respiratory rate.

As an expert in drive technology in agricultural engineering, Lock has a wide range of drive solutions, from small to large, that operate quietly and avoid stress for the animals.

In order to reduce heat stress and the associated loss of performance in cattle farming, the use of ventilation systems on the roof or side walls is recommended. In dairy cattle, it has been shown that this allows the animals to breathe more calmly, eat more and ruminate for longer. This increases milk yield as well as milk fat and protein contents.

The design and installation of the system is individually tailored to the stable conditions.

Solutions for cattle barns

Reliable drives from Lock are essential for an optimal climate and the well-being of your animals. We offer you the perfect solution for your stable.

These include

  • Winding ventilation 
  • Controls 
  • Roof ventilation 
  • Individual ventilation systems


Ideal barn ventilation is crucial for the health and well-being of cattle. By using ventilation systems such as wrap ventilation, lifting windows, side flaps and ridge ventilation, combined with intelligent digital control, we not only create optimal living conditions for the animals, but also make the farmers' work easier and contribute to sustainability in agriculture. Nowadays, cattle barns are predominantly ventilated naturally. In most barns, the required air quality can be ensured all year round using only natural ventilation systems.


Proper ventilation in the cattle barn is essential to ensure a healthy and comfortable climate for the animals. Optimal ventilation helps to remove pollutants, moisture and excess heat. This in turn reduces the risk of disease and promotes the well-being of the cattle. 


Roller ventilation

With the option of opening from above, below or a variable combination of both, the VariVent® winding ventilation sets new standards in terms of versatility.


Side panels

One or more ventilation flaps can be operated with one drive. The racks are connected to the drive via a connecting shaft.


Lifting window

With this type of ventilation, a lowerable light strip is opened and closed. The lifting and closing process is carried out via ropes or by a shaft located above.



Ridge ventilation

One solution for a natural ventilation is continuous ridge ventilation, which can create an ideal climate in the building.


Control system

Intelligent systems now enable automatic control of the climate, among other things, for the benefit of the animals. The integration of digital control systems in the stable therefore offers a modern and sustainable solution for agriculture. 

Precise control of the barn climate not only improves the living conditions of the animals, but also increases the efficiency and profitability of agricultural operations in an increasingly digitalized world. In addition to controlling the ventilation in the barn via our ventilation controller, we have now created a special kind of all-encompassing, digital solution with Lock SBE. 

LSR control

In order to ensure reliable air conditioning for your stable, we offer you our tried and tested ventilation controller, which allows you to react quickly and cost-effectively to temperature, wind and rain.


SBE Farm Management System

In the field of agriculture, the intelligent, smart system from Lock is a big step into the future – for the benefit of people, animals and plants.


Other applications

Our drive systems enable optimal performance and functionality in a wide range of agricultural applications. From controlling cattle flow to protecting calves and facilitating hoof care, our drives offer a comprehensive solution to the challenges of animal husbandry.

Feeding table bridges

Our drives enable the dairy cattle to be moved safely and stress-free without dirtying the feed table. The bridges can be adjusted electrically or manually, creating a comfortable environment for both humans and animals. 


Hoof trimming crush

Lock hand drives enable animal-friendly and professional claw care while maintaining the highest possible safety standards for the user. 


Climate cover

Optimal protection for calves from cold, drafts or other unfavourable weather conditions. Here, part of the lying area is covered to create a microclimate.