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With this type of ventilation, a vertical surface is moved up or down as required by precise control mechanisms. The lifting or closing process can be carried out using various types of drive. An electric or manual shaft drive is available for the movement of the lifting window system. The shaft drive, together with the cable drum, ensures that the windows are raised and lowered evenly.

The lifting window is an ideal ventilation system for isolated building areas that require a closing function and sufficient light in addition to generous ventilation options. Lifting windows are suitable for all housing systems in stable construction. The lifting windows are often made of UV-stable, translucent plastic/double-wall panels. The opening technology offers the option of a pull rope and pulley or a drive tube with rope drums.

What do the different types of lifting windows have in common?

They are driven by Lock products. Whether single windows, continuous windows or double-lift windows - a selection can be made as required and moved using Lock drive systems.

Natural ventilation is created by temperature differences inside and outside the building as well as by wind movements. Optimal use of natural ventilation is made possible by orienting the building perpendicular to the main wind direction. In addition, the continuous adjustment of the window openings allows manual or automatic regulation of the room climate according to the season or weather.

This is what makes this form of ventilation so special

  • For an optimal stable climate and animal welfare
  • Simple and flexible installation
  • Durable and robust
  • Enables precise supply air control and cross ventilation
  • Low maintenance and noise

  • Connection through standard pipe 1 inch
  • Use of plastic rope drums 
  • Cable drum with clamp for connection to standard pipe 1 inch
  • Installation in conjunction with prefabricated console with bearing and pipe connectors 
  • BKS for connecting drive with 1“ pipe 
  • Stainless steel wire rope 
  • Common size and therefore available everywhere and inexpensively. 
  • Gentle on ropes and therefore extremely durable 
  • Saving assembly costs through faster assembly 
  • Readjustment is much easier than with the screw version. This also saves costs.
  • Simplification and faster assembly, no skilled workers required and assembly costs reduced 
  • High reliability and safe torque transmission 
  • Longevity