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The well-being of poultry does not only depend on creating the right climate. In addition to species-appropriate lighting, it is above all good feed and water intake that leads to optimal growth of poultry. In order to achieve maximum feed and water intake, it is recommended to place the feed at the right height. 

With a feeding and drinking system, the availability of feed and clean, fresh water can be easily regulated . It can be raised during stable cleaning so that cleaning work can be carried out quickly and effortlessly. This is achieved by using drums or by winding a wire rope directly onto a pipe. This pulls the drinking and feeding systems upwards. But here too, the highest precision is required. We supply a complete range of gear motors that have been specially developed for this purpose. Equipped with special winch drums, we offer powerful drives for high precision in the movement of the systems.

  • Reliable self-locking 
  • Simple and reliable height adjustment of the lines 
  • High precision in the movement of the systems through our drives
  • Easy stable cleaning, as drinking and feeding troughs can be lifted under the ceiling