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Special types of ventilation are used in Venlo-style greenhouses to ensure an optimal climate for plant growth. Three common types are flap ventilation, convertible ventilation and continuous ventilation.

Flap ventilation

Flap ventilation is a common and simple method for ventilating greenhouses. Here, a drive opens several individual ventilation flaps on each side of the roof in the direction of the ridge. 



Cabrio ventilation MX2 and MX4

The convertible greenhouse is characterized by its multifunctional usability and a ventilation capacity of almost 100%, as the roof can be opened completely. It is often used as a cultivation greenhouse. The crops here include young vegetable and flower plants, for example. With the MX4 convertible ventilation, it is also possible to pass under the roof side (rain side).


Continuous ventilation

There is a continuous ventilation flap on each side of the roof in the ridge direction. Continuous ventilation is a continuous ventilation method in which ventilation flaps are installed along the entire length of the greenhouse.