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Convertible ventilation is a more advanced technology often used in larger greenhouses. This system consists of a movable roof segment that can be opened or closed. The movement of the roof allows precise control of ventilation and temperature. When needed, the roof can be opened to remove excess heat and moisture, while remaining closed during adverse weather conditions. Convertible ventilation offers an efficient way to adjust the greenhouse climate to the needs of the plants. 

In convertible systems, the roof can be opened almost completely to ensure maximum ventilation.

Convertible ventilatios

  • Greenhouse can be opened almost completely
  • With MX4 with Lock control, eight different ventilation positions (rain) are possible 
  • Best climatic conditions 
  • Plants can be hardened during production 
  • Comfortable conditions for the customer in the sales area possible 
  • The MX4 design can be ventilated despite rain