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Flap ventilation is a common and simple method of ventilating greenhouses. It involves installing flaps or blinds on the side walls of the greenhouse. These flaps can be controlled manually or automatically and allow effective air circulation. By opening the flaps, warm air is exhausted to the outside while fresh air from outside enters the greenhouse. This system is particularly suitable for smaller greenhouses and offers a cost-effective solution for temperature regulation. 

Here, on each side of the roof, a drive opens several individual ventilation flaps in the direction of the ridge as well as the flaps of the adjacent naves.

  • Opening of up to 40 flaps along the binder possible
  • Up to 2000Nm drive power possible
  • Gearbox LZG with different heights possible ​
  • Continuous consultation with system suppliers
  • Forces up to 16,000N Racks LZG 24 ​
  • LZG 20 and LZG 24 with the same functions and dimensions
  • Support and grid mounting possible ​
  • Hexagon shaft with lock standard dimensions
  • Rack and pinion gear with ball bearings
  • Racks milled and optional connection to different pipe diameters
  • Fewer drives for many flaps; reduction of costs and installation and increase of light incidence (reduction of shadows)
  • High driving force reduces the number of gear motors and increases the incidence of light, thereby reducing shadows. Increased production possible.
  • Can be used in convertible houses
  • Optimal planning and design for the customer
  • Even more power for even more opening windows
  • Gearbox replaceable
  • Same design for both application areas
  • Coupling portfolio is suitable for both drives and rack and pinion gears
  • smooth and quiet running even with slight misalignment
  • Product with high resilience and durability