BKS 45

Bush coupling

Bush coupling // BKS 45
  • Coupling without angle adjustment with axial mounting to transmit torques from power drives and manual drives to 1” and 5/4” adapter tubes.
  • BKS 45.06 for round shaft We 06, axially secured by transverse screw. BKS 45.66 for hexagonal shaft We 66, axially secured by retaining ring (i.e. circlip).
  • Galvanised steel coupling, two bores for M 10 screws to secure the adapter tube, supplied as a complete unit with screws and retaining ring (i.e. circlip).


  • Possible to remove drive unit after unfastening the axial shaft ­retainers. For this, comply with maximum insertion depth of 65 mm for the adapter tube!