SKS 66, SKS 68

Weld couplings

Weld couplings // SKS 66, SKS 68
  • Coupling without angle adjustment with one-sided axial mounting to transmit drive torques between gear units, e.g. LZG, SZG.
  • SKS 66.50 centring tube, outer diameter (OD), SKS 66.6034 // SKS 66.6036 // SKS 68 centring tube inner diameter (ID)
  • The coupling is welded to the ends of adapter tubes on the building and is then pushed onto the end of the gear unit shaft.
  • Coupling made of weldable steel, untreated (i.e. unpainted), Version SKS 66.6036, galvanised.


  • Adapter tube and SKS must be aligned flush. Weld together using ­fixture, plan in scope for approx. 3 mm of expansion between coupling and gear unit shaft.