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The climate in the stables has a huge impact on the well-being and health of animals and makes a significant contribution to ensuring that they are kept in a way that is appropriate to the species. Poor stable climate conditions can have a negative impact on animal performance. Or vice versa: the more performance the animals have to deliver, the higher the demands on their environment.

Solutions Horses

Improving the performance of the animals. This includes our winding ventilation systems and individually adapted ventilation systems equipped with our drives. By using our products, you make a sustainable contribution to the health, well-being and safety of your horses.

These include:

  • Winding ventilation 
  • Controls 
  • Individual ventilation systems


Ideal ventilation in stables, riding halls and lunging circles is crucial for the health and well-being of horses. By using ventilation systems on the sides, such as wrap-around ventilation and lifting windows, and on the roof with ridge ventilation, combined with intelligent digital control, we create optimal living conditions for the animals. In addition, the work of farmers is made easier and a contribution is made to sustainability in agriculture.


Find out about different ventilation systems for roofs and walls.


Roller ventilation

With the option of opening from above, below or a variable combination of both, the VariVent® winding ventilation sets new standards in terms of versatility.


Lifting window

With this type of ventilation, a lowerable light strip is opened and closed. The lifting and closing process is carried out via ropes or by a shaft located above.



Ridge ventilation

One solution for a natural ventilation is continuous ridge ventilation, which can create an ideal climate in the building.


Control system

Intelligent systems now enable automatic control of the climate, among other things, for the benefit of the animals. The integration of digital control systems in the stable therefore offers a modern and sustainable solution for agriculture. 

Precise control of the barn climate not only improves the living conditions of the animals, but also increases the efficiency and profitability of agricultural operations in an increasingly digitalized world. In addition to controlling the ventilation in the barn via our ventilation controller, we have now created a special kind of all-encompassing, digital solution with Lock SBE.

LSR control

In order to ensure reliable air conditioning for your stable, we offer you our tried and tested ventilation controller, which allows you to react quickly and cost-effectively to temperature, wind and rain.


SBE Farm Management System

In the field of agriculture, the intelligent, smart system from Lock is a big step into the future – for the benefit of people, animals and plants.


Thanks to our logically structured product range, we work with you to develop drive technology for special applications such as feeding racks.