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The climate in pig stalls must not harm the animals. The special thing is that no two stalls are the same. Each farmer determines the optimal climate for the animals, taking into account aspects such as air circulation, dust concentration in the air, temperature, relative humidity and gas concentrations in the animals' environment. 

An optimal climate plays an important role in the growth and productivity of livestock. Stress is also an important factor. Lock has a wide range of drive solutions, from small to large, that work quietly and avoid stress. Unique solutions for your barn. 

Solutions Pigs

A healthy barn climate determines the productivity, growth, food intake, stress levels and risk of infection of the animals. Fresh air is vital, where it penetrates in the optimal direction at the right height and speed. 

We therefore offer you the perfect solution for your stable . Because reliable drives are essential for an optimal climate and the well-being of your animals. 

These include

  • Winding ventilation 
  • Climate covers 
  • Individual ventilation systems


We offer a wide range of drive solutions to ensure stress-free conditions in your barn. Our innovative Lock drives are not only used to move our winding ventilation systems, but also to manually or electrically drive climate covers and ventilation systems. Whether it is a matter of optimizing ventilation or regulating the climate conditions in the barn, our reliable drives offer efficient solutions for various agricultural requirements.


Proper ventilation in the pig shed is essential to ensure a healthy and pleasant climate in the shed. Optimal ventilation helps to remove pollutants, moisture and excess heat. This in turn reduces the risk of disease and promotes the well-being of the pigs.


Roller ventilation

With the option of opening from above, below or a variable combination of both, the VariVent® winding ventilation system sets new standards in terms of versatility. In summer, the bottom-opening winding ventilation system can be used as shading in outdoor climate stables.


Lifting window

With this type of ventilation, a vertical surface is opened and closed. The lifting or closing process is carried out via ropes or by a shaft located above.


Climate covers

Different types of climate covers can be used in a barn to provide animals with a protected area to rest and sleep. The selection of suitable crate covers depends on the specific needs of the animals, the climatic conditions and the farmer's preferences.

Single-sided storage

This is the simplest and most cost-effective way to build an electrically opened box lid. The design allows the farmer to quickly check the animals and clean the pens. 



With this climate cover you have maximum flexibility in terms of adjustability. This variant is therefore ideal for wet cleaning of the lid and ventilation.

Lift completely

In this version, the box lid is pulled under the ceiling and not folded against the wall as in the one-sided version. Despite the limited adjustment options, both checking the animals and cleaning them are possible without any problems.


Control system

Intelligent systems now enable automatic control of the climate, among other things, for the benefit of the animals. The integration of digital control systems in the stable therefore offers a modern and sustainable solution for agriculture. 

Precise control of the barn climate not only improves the living conditions of the animals, but also increases the efficiency and profitability of agricultural operations in an increasingly digitalized world. In addition to controlling the ventilation in the barn via our ventilation controller, we have now created a special kind of all-encompassing, digital solution with Lock SBE. 

LSR control

In order to ensure reliable air conditioning for your stable, we offer you our tried and tested ventilation controller, which allows you to react quickly and cost-effectively to temperature, wind and rain.


SBE Farm Management System

In the field of agriculture, the intelligent, smart system from Lock is a big step into the future – for the benefit of people, animals and plants.