Continuous ventilation

With a great selection of power drives, couplings and rack & pinion units, Lock is able to guarantee optimum quality right down the driveline. This has a beneficial impact on the bottom line and, in the long-term, it reduces service costs.

The strengths power, range of choice and modularity also apply to the product family of rack & pinion units, the EZD, AZD and ZSG ranges. Capable of handling loads of 300 to 2500 N they enable you to move all kinds of roof-level and side ventilation system.

Lock Continuous ventilation for agriculture
Lock Full-length ventilation for agriculture
Full-length ventilation
Lock Lowering panels and sheeting for agriculture
Lowering panels / sheeting
Lock Flap ventilation for agriculture
Flap ventilation
Lock Side ventilation with lowering panels for agriculture
Side ventilation with lowering panels.
Lock Roof ridge ventilation for agriculture
Roof ridge ventilation.
Lock Side ventilation with AZD gear unit for agriculture
Side ventilation with AZD gear unit.