Ventilation types for continous system

Here we illustrate different types of ventilation, of the kind found on buildings, animal sheds or greenhouses.

Butterfly ventilation

[Translate to Englisch:] Schmetterlings-Lüftung
Die Schmetterlingslüftung von Lock öffnet auf jeder Dachseite von Hallen, Gebäuden oder Ställen
Das Antriebssystem von Lock öffnet die Klappen auf jeder Dachseite, sodass eine durchgehende Belüftung entsteht. Dieses Lüftungssystem wird Schmetterlingslüftung genannt.
  • On industrial premises, buildings, sheds, greenhouses and similar constructions, one drive system can open up continuous ventilation down either side of the roof.
  • With side ventilation, one drive unit opens a full-length raising-lowering ventilation system or one ventilation flap.
  • Here you will find the ZSG, AZD and EZD ranges of rack & pinion units in operation.

Open-Roof ventilation

[Translate to Englisch:] Cabrio-Lüftung
Das Lock Antriebssystem ermöglicht bei der sogenannten Cabrio-Lüftung, dass sich das gesamte Dach öffnet. Durch den Antrieb werden mehrere durchgehende Lüftungsklappen durch mehrere Umlenkgetriebe bewegt.
  • Entire roof can be opened (Open-Roof type C).
  • With roof ventilation, a drive system opens full-length ventilation flaps down both sides of the roof. The drive unit powers several reversing gear units.
  • With side ventilation, one drive opens full-length raising-lowering ventilation or a ventilation flap.
  • These are typical applications for the ZSG, AZD and EZD ranges of rack drives.

Multitunnel ventilation

[Translate to Englisch:] Multitunnel-Lüftung
Die Multitunnel-Lüftung ist eine Dachlüftung, bei der das Antriebssystem von Lock eine durchgehende Lüftungsklappe öffnet. Das bewegen mehrerer Tunnel gleichzeitig ist dank der aneinander gekoppelten Umlenkgetriebe möglich.
  • With roof ventilation, one drive system opens a full-length ventilation flap.
  • These are typical applications for the ZSG, AZD and EZD ranges of rack drives.
  • By linking up reversible gear units in series, several tunnels (‘multitunnels‘) can be operated.

Ventilation types for Venlo greenhouses

On this page, we illustrate special-purpose ventilation systems that are used for the Venlo design of Dutch greenhouse.

Flaps ventilation

[Translate to Englisch:] Klappen-Lüftung
Das Antriebssystem von Lock öffnet bei der Klappen Lüftung mehrere einzelne Lüftungsklappen auf jeder Dachseite und die Klappen jedes nebeneinander liegenden Schiffes.
  • Here one drive unit on each side of the roof opens several individual ventilation flaps down the primary longitudinal roof beam, as well as flaps in the adjacent sections.
  • This is where you will find the LZG range of gear units in operation, in rail ventilation applications, and the UBL range at work in swing ventilation applications.

Open-Roof ventilation

[Translate to Englisch:] Cabrio-Lüftung
Die Cabrio-Lüftung unterscheidet sich in zwei Typen. Typ A funktioniert mit einem zentralen Lüftungsrohr und Typ B arbeitet mit Schubstangensystem. In beiden Varianten finden Zahnstangengetriebe von Lock Anwendung.
  • Type A as an continous system with central ventilation tube under the primary roof ridge: this is where the ZSG, AZD and EZD ranges of rack drives are used.
  • Type B with push-rod system: this is where the LZG / UBL ranges of rack & pinion unit are used.

Full-length ventilation

[Translate to Englisch:] Durchgehende Lüftung
Die durchgehende Lüftung ermöglicht das Öffnen von aneinanderliegenden Gewächshaus-Schiffen durch Lock Antriebssysteme.
  • On each side of the roof, a ventilation flap opens along the line of the primary roof ridge. A drive system opens several flaps on adjacent sections of the greenhouse.
  • Here, systems are used with in top of the other as well as adjacent parallel push-rod systems with LZG / UBL rack & pinion units.

Ventilation types for Open-Roof systems

With Open-Roof systems, the roof can be opened almost completely to assure maximum ventilation. With our versatile selection of options for drive units and rack & pinion units, we are able to provide a solution to all Open-Roof variants. The mechanism can be an continous system (Types A + C) or a push-rod system (Type B).

The distinguishing features of the three most commonly used type of Open-Roof ventilation system (Types A – C) are itemized below:

Open-Roof ventilation – Type A as continous system

Typ A
Typ A
  • Drive provided by a ventilation shaft centrally arranged under primary roof ridge.
  • Both sides of roof are moved simultaneously by one drive unit.
  • EWA power drives are used with 1–9 rpm.
  • In conjunction with the ZSG, AZD and EZD ranges of rack & pinion units, optimum closing times can be achieved.

Open-Roof ventilation – Type B as push-rod system

Typ B
Typ B
  • Drive delivered by a push-rod system arranged on the rail mountings (see Fig. on p. 18).
  • Each side of the roof is moved by its own drive unit.
  • The drive units employed are our high-speed EWA power drives, our tried and tested SpeedLogic or our TurboLogic systems.
  • In conjunction with the LZG / UBL ranges of rack & pinion units, optimum closing speeds can be achieved.

Open-Roof ventilation – Type C as continous system

Typ C
Typ C
  • Arrangement of full-length ventilation flaps, same principle as on wide-span greenhouses.
  • The EWA power drive operating at 1–9 rpm is used here. In conjunction with our ZSG, AZD and EZD ranges of rack & pinion units, you obtain an optimum ventilation system.
  • With our reversing gear units, several ventilation flaps can also be grouped together to form a system.